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Bradley James Aaron (Finlay)

Brad has always been interested in elaborately explicating his existential examinations, right from when he would write short cartoon-book dramas featuring Godzilla at the age of 8. Later in life, and with a more rugged (some may say calloused) slant on life, Brad found himself in a University Creative Writing program. One of these short prose pieces, "$mells Like Teen Spirit" (a dada/cutup montage of Generation X angst circa 1993-1994) was published in the Moosehead Anthology 5 under the title "Forbidden Fiction"

Click here for Brad's piece for Wag Magazine on how radio imprints shape our childhood here.

Some more recent Writings are now online through Yahoo! Voices program, the links available below ...

Brad also contributes and maintains two pulp-noir type blogs;

Urban Survival Media

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