Tree of Thelema
Druid's Animal Oracle Brother Brad and Melissa Finlay
Bradley James Aaron Finlay
Though vocationally positioned as an entrepreneur, I still see the delicate membrane of "Market Growth℠" as something that may have implications for different relevancies in New Age Study.

Though my own spirituality deals with evolution, I (as a trained Artist) must account for the "Divine Proportions of Creative Vogues" throughout history and, obviously, the new patterning of our 21st Century society.

If asked, I would say that I am interested in the works (some of which are quite Artistic) of the Druids, as well as the "Cloud Computing℠" of today's Qua-Ba-La.

Many belive the "Qua-Ba-La" is run by greedy gold misers, or that it's only standing invitations are to Men. There are newer developments with The Tree of Thelema℠, respect due to our Greek Sisterhoods, that show that we sometimes misinterpret the Key of Life with the Tree Of Life. Rhyme and Reason is no Crime of Treason - Ha Cha Cha Cha Cha. (Respect due to Jimmy DuRante).

I can offer some personal insights into the Studies of the Druids℠ and their respect for the Spirit of the Animal. (see Above)

As having taken on the name Aaron, I found that my life developments from my Confirmation Voca in 1985 have shown me much work to do in healing the schism not only between Christian Faiths, but also in buiding bridges of understanding in the Angelic codes of the Hebrews and other Earth Nations

James is another name that is large in cultural implications but seeks to serve his silent humility through Souliton Studios℠

What can Bradley say about Bradley? Over time I have discovered that the Ego is a necessity, though it, to be frank, is something that many people deny because it is a structure that cannot bear Social Inequities℠ and relations to Divine Rational℠. Do we feel that the person's true identity is stored on their body in a coded private area under their first name? Has that question ever arisen in anything other than "Occult Studies"℠?

Do people take after their names or do people spend their days trying to catch up with what may be "StarSeed Legacies℠". Here's a quiz for those interested. :-) I got a result that has developed into relations to The Pleiades as well as The Lyran Family.

- Bradley James Aaron Finlay | 2019
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