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Though I am still exploring geneological developments, I can say that I am related to Alexander MacDougall-Black - a Bagpiper for Queen Victoria. Among other relations he is part of the Hourigan family, the McKenna family and the Cato family on my mother Linda's side.

This musical side boasts long-standing traditions that are, somewhat recently (like in the past 200 years), originating in County Clare in Ireland.

This Irish side to the family is, historically, part of the Catholic Church and it is here (at age 13) that I was accepted into the sacrement of Confirmation under the name Aaron.

Though most see family as having only two sides, the reality in our 21st Century is that the pull and push of growth and development may be the effects of a more round, spherical system of relation. Perhaps many of our microcosmic and macro-social imbalances may be better understood when we see the motion and mobility of these Maternal and Paternal "Spheres of Influence." Crossing the synaptical reality bridge between Father and Mother is a pursuit that can go back to Evolution's survival of the fittest or, if you are a Creationist - the transcendance of the material body's temporal inhibitions; a journey to Eternity.

We have developed Genetics into the study not only of People and Identity, but of Positions of Behaviour or Perspectives in Action. Now, in the 21st Century, we are seeing other sciences that were too distant to the primacy of individual perspective (Laws of Relativity warping the messaging of infra-familial developments) but the light of illumination is actually catalyzing change in the pools of relation that we consider our own normal "Sit-Com" life.

All of this amounts to the introduction of new, present day additions to a system of tree that some find refreshing in it's novelty. It is on the James side that I am discovering interesting paternal developments.

My father's side of the family well-balanced with three uncles and three aunts and it is the robust and firey nature of this side that gives me motivation and a work ethic.

This side, to my knowledge, is related to The House of Frame, the House of Bull (part of First Nations of Canada) and other ancestors from both Ontario and Hamilton, Scotland.

I have has even heard murmurs of this side as having connections to The House of Crowley.

Far be it for life to be without qixotic ordinance he had actually worked with a Crowley in San Francisco (Melissa B.) and this is her website;

The dynamism and creative energies that have created new relevancies from this partnership is still a developing story. Oddly, I had grown up working with a Melissa - My younger sister, Melissa Christine Finlay (as pictured at my Baccalaureate Graduation in Montreal). My San Francisco experiences are great platforms of Reminiscence and Revelation about different lifetimes, I may even be James Crowley - enigmatic Private Eye and Metaphysical Counsellor from days gone by...

- Bradley James Aaron Finlay | 2019
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