Boggles Brown's Bradley James

Bradley was contracted for work by the San Francisco, California based New Media LLC "Entasis Design + Development". A Trade-NAFTA work Visa was on board for this Canadian which he paid for himself.

The development of a wide range of productions and solutions occurred here in the late 1990s and Brad proud to say that his experiences are still generating a return of creative knowledge.

If you're 70's mood-ring is ever in need of a tune-up, come visit Brad's cyber-occult page "Catel 1975" on Facebook.

It is not known if there is anything that can explain metaphysics and the application of computer technologies to home-service life and nutrition solutions.
Bradley James Aaron Finlay

Brad, short for Bradley of the Broad Meadow, is creator and proprietor of Souliton Studios - a New Media contracting company originally idiomized in the Summer of 1996. Bradley James' Souliton Studios

No multi-media array would be complete without tones, tunes and tales from a jukebox ...

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